Upcoming Events


Good afternoon, everyone! I hope you’re ready for some information, because the upcoming scout troop events are here.

Our next campout, Mission Improbable 2, will be held on November 14th and 15th.

Popcorn sale end on November 9th, so get all you can before our next fundraiser: holiday wreathes are back! Products are attached below, and we hope to be able to take orders online very soon.


Winter Camp is a great way to earn merit badges, and we’re going back this year! On January 5th through the 18th of the new year, you can have a great chance to earn some merit badges. (It’s also a lot cheaper than summer camp, at only $55)

Recharter for 2016 is due on October 26th. The cost is $50, with an extra $35 if you have a sibling also rechartering.

Upcoming Events

Our next troop outing, the Tireless James, will occur on September 19th. It will be a day of canoeing and picking up tires, to clean the river (in case it wasn’t obvious by the name.) Our next meeting will be on the 14th, as there is no meeting on Labor Day. The 21st’s meeting is a PLC, and the 28th is the Court of Honor.

Pancake Breakfast

Starting at 7:30 on June 6th, the Troop will be organizing a pancake breakfast. From then until 10, for only 5 dollars a plate, you can get pancakes, sausage, fruit, and either coffee or orange juice. Meet us at the Brandermill Sailing Center for some great food to start your Saturday!

Summer Camp preperations

There is only a few days left before summer break. That means there’s only a few days until summer camp! There are a few things you will need before going, so here is a list.

First of all, you will need to go to the doctor and get a medical form completed and turned in. Secondly, we will be putting out a packing list on June 1st. Lastly, you need to make sure you have your merit badges chosen and your trip fully paid for.

Also, if any parents want to visit camp, there is a big campfire on Friday night. There are a few hotels nearby, so make sure to reserve!

Meeting Plans

Last night, we planned our next few meetings at the PLC. Next Monday, the 6th of April, is a fishing trip, because it’s Spring Break. It starts at 6:30, and will basically be going on until it’s too dark to see. The week after that, we’re having a rope tying competition.

On the 20th, the troop is having a first aid night, with a search and rescue game at the end. Make sure to bring a flashlight!

The meeting on the 27th is a bit flexible, because we are trying to arrange a swim test at one of the local gyms, but it’s usually at the YMCA. Wear your swim trunks!

On May 4th, we are having a bike rally, where we’ll basically be riding around near the church. Make sure to bring the important gear, like a bike (no duh) and a helmet.